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We’re intent on providing a flawless and beautiful entertainment experience. That requires your participation. We need you to provide several important details. Logging in and completing this information should be relatively easy.

If you don’t provide the information at least 15 days in advance, we can’t provide the best experience.


Payments are due in FULL two weeks prior to the event and are payable by check, cash, or money order. Credit Cards over the phone will be subject to a 3.5% convenience surcharge. 

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Music Suggestions
Welcome Package and Forms

Very Important!

Welcome to ProDjs! This message is intended to be a resource for you to use with the planning of your event and to be your go to place to get answers to common questions. If you do not find the answer you are looking for here then please feel free to contact us at (517) 937-7309, voice or text, or you can email us at .Your customer service team and will be delighted to help. It is our company policy to return your calls or messages within 24 hours. At ProDjs we are a full service entertainment company and we offer many add-ons that will make your event stand out from other parties. Some of those services are:

  1. A photo booth is very popular and is lots of fun for you and your guests. The photo booth includes props for everyone to dress up in, unlimited prints and a keepsake photo album with copies of all of the fun! For a small fee we will also provide a USB drive with digital copies that you can print or share however you like.
  2. Up lighting is a way for us to add an accent color to the room by using programmable LED lighting. The lights come with basic colors built in or we can add a controller to blend a custom color. Please see our website for examples and contact us for pricing and availability.
  3. Wedding ceremony sound includes the extra time and equipment to add music to your ceremony.
  4. Wireless lapel microphone for the ceremony officiant.
  5. Ceremony officiant, if you need someone to perform the ceremony for you look no further.
  6. Deluxe Dj booth includes white glow skirting with lights.
  7. White façade with backlighting
  8. 5 or 10 foot rear projection screen and projector (see notes below)
  9. Fog machine, snow machine, (check with your venue first) moving head lights
  10. Monogram light

The Planning form: By now or along with this document you should have received a link and password that will allow you to log on to our website and plan your event. Please remember that this information is due no less than 30 days before your event. After the due date we will use the default playlist, any changes to this playlist will be limited to music that we already have in our library. The default playlist is as follows: Introduction song: I gotta feeling, black eyed peas Cake cutting: how sweet it is to be loved by you, James Taylor First dance: Me and You, Kenny Chesney Bride and Father: I loved her first, heartland Groom and Mother: Simple Man, Shinedown Bridal Party: What a wonderful world, Louis Armstrong Last dance: Me and You, Kenny Chesney

Making Payments:

All balances must be paid in full at least 2 weeks before your event or we will at our discretion cancel your event and reassign your Dj to another event. You can send a check or money order to ProDjs PO Box 6555 Jackson Mi 49204.. All receipts will be sent VIA email once the payment has been processed.

Event Survey:

A week after your event you should receive a link to our survey form. Please take the time to fill this out for us because your feedback is very important to us and we are constantly looking for ways to improve our services. If for any reason we have not happy with our services then please feel free to contact our CEO Steve at 517-937-7309.

Talent Fees:

Many of our DJs have become wildly popular in our community and are often requested to play at specific events. If you wish to request a specific DJ for your event then we will try to honor your request. If you want to be assured that you will get the DJ that you want then you are encouraged to pay the talent fee and we will guarantee that you will get the Dj you are requesting on a first come first served basis. If for some reason outside of our control such as death injury or illness your Dj cannot perform at your event then the talent fee will be refunded in full and a substitute Dj will be assigned to your event.

Generators and power:

We must have commercial electrical power available to power our sound equipment. If a generator is required, we can provide one at an additional charge. We cannot use your generator, as our equipment must have filtered, regulated power that meets our insurance company’s requirements. Our insurance will not cover the cost of replacing equipment that fails due to inadequate, low quality power sources.

If Emailing us, include your event date!

Please select your music using our planning forms. (We can’t use spreadsheets, etc). We have an extensive catalog, but it’s impossible to have everything. We’ll happily source your preferred songs at no charge for intros, special dances, etc (if legally available). For general dancing and background music, songs can purchased for $.99 or you can provide a legal copy 30 days in advance.


Wedding Ceremony sound and microphones ARE NOT included in reception packages; however, we do offer a discounted rate for providing sound for the wedding ceremony when included with a wedding officiant or with a reception package. Contact us for details. 

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These details are very important- names for introductions, which songs to play and when (such as introducing the bridal party, first dances, etc). Our intention is to provide the very best entertainment experience possible with an absence of mistakes, and that requires planning every single detail– and the sooner you can provide this information, the smoother this process will be. You are free to change your mind, up to the last minute. However, ten days prior to the event, the login becomes inactive, as the itineraries are dispatched to the printers and are sent from there to the staff. As such, from that point they are no longer changeable.