Add-Ons for your DJ Event:

Every event is unique; and the event should reflect your personality and style. That’s why Pro DJ’s doesn’t employ a one-size fits all approach. We tailor each package to help you express yourselves, and set yourselves apart. The options that we bring to the table are an opportunity for you to express yourselves creatively. We don’t believe in high pressure sales, but popular demand and the need to stand apart from the crowd has demanded that we invest in these high tech solutions, and we offer these items for those who want them. Feel free to inquire about opportunities to add them to your event, and dare to dream big and express your individuality!


We offer an a la carte menu for you to rent our services. Talk to one of our representatives today, we’d love to put together an affordable custom package for you!


  1. Premium DJ Talent
  2. Photobooths
  3. Uplighting, Computer Controlled LED Mood Lighting
  4. GOBOs (Light-projected Monograms)
  5. Custom Banners/T-Shirts
  6. Video Guests Books
  7. Wedding Officiants to Perform a Ceremony
  8. Sound Systems for Ceremonies
  9. PA Systems
  10. Stage Spotlights
  11. Stage Event Sound
  12. Projector/Screen Rentals for Video/Slideshows
  13. Dance Club Trussing, which utilizes any of the following:
  • Snow Effect Machines
  • Fog Effect Machines
  • Cloud Dancing
  • Laser Light Show
  • Black Lighting
  • Moving Light Heads for Mood Effect